Looking for a powerful low cost CAD tool?

Does a simple to use, fully parametric drawing tool for curved 3D geometry sound like something for you?

Picture of a boat

Cut through a house

Welcome, your're at the entrance of the (Easy)3D modelling world. Easy3D is the tool to use if you are not (necessarily) as smart as this guy

Picture of Einstein

but probably a little older than this lady

Picture of little girl reading

The aim of Easy3D (you will have to tell us whether we have succeeded!) is to create an easy to use 3D modelling/drawing/CAD tool for the common man and woman. Things of interest to model may be:

In other words if you are a wanna-be designer or architect (or in fact the real thing!), or if you have kids that you want to introduce to the world of 3D modelling, Easy3D is the tool for you.